Yup, after 40 years & 182 days of rain a year (where did she move from…) Karrie, her husband KC and daughter Kilah landed in beautiful East Wenatchee. 2011 brought Sunshine, Peach Trees & New relationships. Helping others to succeed is the desire of her heart. With a good cup of coffee and a listening ear, Karrie connects easily from her 25 years of creative thinking in sales and marketing. Eternally optimistic, her cup is always “Half-Full” engaging her audience with encouragement, education, and empowerment that their belief in what matters most can become their reality. (Together solving all the world’s problems and creating world peace!) Serving others is her greatest joy. 12 years in Fashion direct- sales success, 7 years of Professional Staffing B2B development/job creation & variety of marketing opportunities has brought her an abundance of treasured relationships, personal growth, and gratitude. When not educating local business on the benefit of a reliable accounting solution, you will find Karrie attempting to stay awake crocheting during a “Classic” movie with her family, rising early for a brisk jog with her dog Pepper, reading a great book on leadership or enthusiastically giving back to her local community organizations; Wenatchee Valley Chamber, Ambassadors; Habitat for Humanity, Board; Haven of Hope volunteer, local BNI, EWNG, NAPMA, Veterans serving Veterans, and her church. Favorite Quote: “Persistence, coupled with absolute belief, will never be defeated.” Author unknown.